The Jerez swimming master ends the season with 14 titles and breaks a historic record

The mayor, Mamen Sánchez, highlighted “the historic trajectory of the sport of our city that the swimming master of Jerez has achieved since its foundation in 2016 and that this season has resulted in obtaining up to 14 official titles, breaking the record in the history of the Spanish lifeguard” during the reception ceremony of the club which took place in the hall of the town hall. The club left in deference to the city council the historic trophy of champion of Spain for the groups obtained in Bañolas, which was one of the milestones of the season.

Thus, the mayor, accompanied by the first deputy mayor, Laura Álvarez and the delegate for sports and rural affairs, Jesús Alba, congratulated “the president and the board of directors, as well as the coaches and swimmers of the entity, which are an example of sports management and achievement, defending the name of Jerez at the highest level” and encouraged the city’s business network to join through sponsorship or collaboration in the challenges of the coming season of the club, which has Sanicor as its main sponsor.

For his part, the president of Jerez Swimming Master, Alejandro Ucha, thanked the mayor for the reception “in a season of which we are particularly proud. It is the first time that we have won the Spanish Open Water Championship, which was held in the Catalan town of Bañolas, both in men and women, and different official titles that showed the regularity and the potential of the club.

The challenge for next season “is to maintain the level, something that is not easy because the level is very high among masters swimmers, and to continue with the same level of competition and commitment, which is something thing that defines us as a club”, he said Ucha, who also launched the message of “openness to new companies who want to collaborate or sponsor our challenges, because each trip and competition is expensive and we are a club swimmer-member”.

Regarding the historical competition in Bañolas in the Open Water modality, the member of the Board of Directors, Juan Manuel Soto, explained that “the federation has an almost perpetual Open Water site in Bañolas. We went with four or five specialists and a large group who were not specialists in this modality. We won the female, male and collective rankings, in the Catalan stronghold itself, which surprised the federation itself. The team as a whole is what makes us strong and also the great leadership of the technical staff”, which is made up of Luis Miguel Sánchez, Germán Monreal, Iván Franco and Inmaculada García.

The Delegate for Sports and Rural Affairs, Jesús Alba, recalled “the high level of swimming in Jerez and the example given by the swimming master of Jerez, with the institutional support of the City Council and also the commitment of the Government local towards the quality of the facilities, as is the case of the investments made and in progress in the ‘José Laguillo’ Indoor Pools and also the one that we are carrying out in the recovery of the ‘Manuel Mestre’ Pool, which will open in the next few month “.

A block of 250 competitive swimmers

It is recalled that in the recently completed 2021-22 season, Jerez Master Swimming managed to break all national records for obtaining official titles in the history of Spanish master swimming and established itself as the most great swimming power for people over 20 years old. of our country. Su bloc está formado actualmente por 250 nadadores de competición, “que conforman una entidad con una gran cantidad de portistas en inclusión, y los valores de la salud y el compañerismo como principals baluartes”, como han detachado los responsibles del club a la alcaldesa en the reception.

In addition to the club, swimmers Ute Hasse and Lola Martínez were named the best female swimmers in the country in their respective categories during this recently completed season, during which, as previously reported, the club achieved 14 official titles:

Spanish champion for short pool teams. Common category (Pontevedra); Spanish champion for short pool teams. Male category (Pontevedra); Spanish champion for short pool teams. Female category (Pontevedra); Spanish team champion in open water. Common category (Bañolas, Girona); Spanish team champion in open water. Female category (Bañolas, Girona); Spanish team champion in open water. Male category (Bañolas, Girona); Vice-champion of Spain for the long hen teams. Common category (Las Palmas); Vice-champion of Spain for the long hen teams. Female category (Las Palmas); Vice-champion of Spain for the long hen teams. Male category (Las Palmas); Champion of Andalusia in short course. By teams (Los Barrios); Andalusian champion in the long pool. By teams (Palma del Río, Córdoba); Champion of the Andalusian League after 7 days without defeat, the only time that occurs in the history of Andalusian swimming; Women’s team bronze medals at the National Long Distance Championships (Mataró) and team bronze medals at the Andalusian Open Water Championships (Seville).

At the moment the club is represented at the European Masters in Rome, with a 4th place for George Savescu in the open water modality, and with three crossings remaining, he is in provisional third position in the Spanish Open Cup Water.

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