Filtering Averages and Stats of Real Madrid Players and 3 FIFA 23 Icons

It all came from a FUT leak by EA

As the days go by we have FIFA 23 getting closer and closer, and it is almost inevitable that we will have some news in the form of leaks, as is the case with the averages and statistics of 3 new icons and Real players Madrid and EA’s game. Some players have already had access to FIFA 23 due to a bug, and thanks to this we know of quite a few lows (although they have not yet been officially announced). There is good news and bad news, and that is that there is one lime and one sand in many ways.


The Filtered Averages Of These 3 FIFA 23 Icons For FUT Are Not Exciting




The Twitter account @FutArcade published many averages of the game, and in this article we will focus on that of 3 players in particular: Xabi Alonso, Thomas Muller and Jairzinho. While the latter might be interesting for building a competitive FUT team (at least in the early stages of the game), the other two don’t seem to be seen much:


  • Jairzinho: ED of 90 on average in total. 93 Pace, 89 Shooting, 86 Passing, 91 Dribbling, 49 Defense and 75 Physical. Four stars for bad leg and five for skill.
  • Thomas Müller 1: CAM of 89 on average in total. 89 pace, 90 shooting, 72 passing, 85 dribbling, 40 defense and 75 physicality.
  • Thomas Müller 2: CAM of 92 on average in total. 84 Pace, 93 Shooting, 75 Passing, 86 Dribbling, 42 Defense and 75 Physical.
  • Xabi Alonso 1: CDM of 87 on average in total. 67 pace, 78 shooting, 85 passing, 78 dribbling, 83 defense and 81 physicality. Four stars for bad leg and three for skill.
  • Xabi Alonso 2: CDM of 89 on average in total. 72 Pace, 77 Shooting, 87 Passing, 79 Dribbling, 84 Defense and 82 Physical. Four stars for bad leg and three for skill.

With all the stats on the table, the only one that seems to be seen is JairzinhoWell, we’re up against a winger with great stats (maybe he misses his physique a bit) and that will be great for those who want to influence from the group. Muller also possibly seen (at least the mid-89 version) for its high pace, but the overshoot makes it not that interesting.

The one that does the worst is Xabi Alonso, both versions of which have fairly poor pacing. In our FIFA 23 preview, we’ve already talked about the game’s “extra” speed, so it’s unlikely we’ll see slow players in squads, no matter how good the rest of their stats are.


real Madrid

Picture of FIFA 23

To check Real Madrid’s averages, we took a look at the @FUT23News Twitter account. Some key players they received quite substantial improvements, as you can see in the list below:


  • Benzema 91.
  • Courtoys 90.
  • Modric 88.
  • Croos 88.
  • Rüdiger 87.
  • Vincius 86.
  • Praise 86.
  • Hazard 84.
  • Carvajal 84.
  • Valverde 84.
  • Soldier 84.
  • Beg 83.
  • Tchowameni 82.

On the attack side, we have two players who particularly stand out: Benzema and Vinicius. The French striker has increased his pace compared to FIFA 22, which is good news for those who want to use a team based on LaLiga Santander. As for Vinicius, his stats have noticeably improved, becoming one of the most interesting wingers for the early stages of FUT.

In defense we also find a good handful of improvements, although we do not know the concrete statistics. As was the case in FIFA 22, centre-backs need speed if we don’t want attackers to eat our toast, so for now we’ll have to wait for more details.

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