Documents reveal that the United States approved false positives of uribeism – Yvke Mundial

According to declassified documents in the possession of the Colombian Truth Commission, the United States government was aware of the false positives made by Uribismo in the so-called “democratic security policy”.

These documents, which exceed 15,000, according to information provided by Colombian congresswoman Jennifer Pedraza, were studied by the Truth Commission, which found elements that demonstrate how the US government promoted the military doctrine of false positives.

“Documents show that since the entry into force of Plan Colombia, the Body counta practice that consisted of the Colombian army posting results by the number of people sent back, which favored false positives”, denounces the deputy.

“…they knew about the execution of false positives and never reported the murders of innocent young people,” he adds, and claims that in the declassified documents, the link between US officials and paramilitaries and drug traffickers is revealed.

Sovereignty violated

Pedraza also indicates that the declassified information indicates that the American contractor DynCorp was carrying out illegal operations in Colombian territory, even committing crimes related to drug trafficking and sexual exploitation.

“The United States violated our sovereignty with economic and political interests in the war,” he lamented, while stressing that these documents show the interventionist policy that the United States has developed in Latin America.

“American imperialist interventions in Latin America mark our history, but our future could be different,” he argues.

False positives in numbers

According to reports from the Space Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), at least 6,402 civilians were killed between 2002 and 2008 by Colombian military forces, which presented them as “wounded in action”.

Information about this practice, which was carried out with greater emphasis in the periods ruled by Álvaro Uribe Vélez, exploded in 2008 due to complaints from relatives of the victims, who revealed that the military had killed civilians to present them like fallen guerrillas.

According to the investigations, 78% of these crimes were committed when Uribe led the Colombian executive and exercised the command in chief of the Colombian armed forces.

heinous crimes

In the first court of peace hearing held in April this year, an army general, nine other soldiers and a civilian gave accounts to the families of the victims.

“These are murders that were committed against innocent human beings who had no connection with an outlaw group,” confessed former sergeant Sandro Mauricio Pérez Contreras, who told dozens of relatives of victims how it had attracted young people from the central urban areas. of the country offering them jobs to hand over to the soldiers who killed them.

Another testimony was given by Colonel Rincón Amado, who said that the network of executions was “the result of the democratic security policy that at the time, and for 2007 and 2008, was lived at the national level”.

“These were isolated cases”, is the argument put forward by Uribe, who defends the so-called democratic security policy.

Like the former Colombian president, the generals identified as possibly responsible also said they had given no orders in this regard, attributing responsibility only to middle and lower commands, assuring that “they ‘did out of ignorance’.

Between tears, Major Daladier Rivera Jácome apologized to the victims for his participation in the false positives and acknowledged having “provided weapons that we planted on the victims to simulate combat”.

“Most of these weapons came from a cache I found in the second half of 2006, so false operations and false positives were made.”

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