Abinader is experiencing favorable moments in his management

A little “with his music in it” President Luis Abinader receives reports favorable to his management of the government and certain polls which place him well ahead of his main challenger for the 2024 elections, while he remains a little less than two years in the current command.

Although he does not actually campaign because the Central Electoral Council has not opened it up, Abinader is so active in acts of palazos and inaugurations of his regime and the private sector, that his opponents view these activities with suspicion. .

His main challenger, Dr. Leonel Fernández, carries a bag full of promises and criticism against the current leadership, hoping that the strategy he is carrying out inside and outside the country will bear fruit so that he is better prepared by next year when the JCE of the whistle

Abinader did not say he would stand as a candidate in the next elections. For the fulfillment of their first two years in the periods in which they governed, neither Dr. Fernández nor his successor, Danilo Medina, had been open on the subject. They were released at the last minute.

Former President Hipólito Mejía did not address the issue of re-election, although there is evidence that the United States favored him due to the fact that “hands that give expectation”, but he did not count on the fact that the collapse of several major banks and the crisis in the dollar rate would break his point.

In the United States, President Biden has not played with the deal. Strengthened in recent months, he is campaigning this weekend to push for control of the Republican-majority Senate, as former President Trump has waned in popularity and faces a host of issues.

The recent decision by the Supreme Court of Justice to revoke the constitutional right to abortion that was the case of Roe v. Wade, has come to reinforce the position of Biden, who maintains that women have this right, along with other decisions from the Congress of Democrats bravo.

The Roe v. Wade was a legal debate that took place in 1973 in which the United States Supreme Court protected a pregnant woman’s freedom to choose an abortion without government restrictions as is the case today.

Although 79 years old and with old health issues, Biden hasn’t had the worries of Dominican leaders waiting for what the future holds, but is already campaigning for the legislative posts that are on the line. especially in Pennsylvania, where to go on weekends.

with lots of support

Abinader seems to have a lot of popular support to run for the 2024 elections. He has it because of casuistry since Fernández and Medina were religionized with constitutional support, not to mention Dr. Balaguer who on many occasions he was a last – minute candidate. With all the problems of food prices, blackouts and insecurity in the streets, Abinader appears in the polls with such a high percentage of popularity that he would win his victory in the first round as it happened. in the 2020 elections, which strategist José I anticipates. To beat.

The president has spent half of this week in the capital and the interior, in activities that have divided the private sector between indulgences, such as the inauguration of an Induban coffee storage center and the opening of the formidable complex residential Livera RD, property of the Estrella y SBC Full Master.

Induban is Rafael Perelló’s logistics, storage and distribution center, built at a cost of 1,000 million pesos and which will concentrate all collection and handling activities for Induban and Arma Coffee Service products.

Livera RD is a modern residential complex built by Grupo Estrella which, in its first stage, will include 314 apartments divided into seven projects. They will have one, two and three bedrooms of penthouse, duplex and full house type, adapted to the different needs of society.

Abinader also inaugurated the first industrial design center in the Dominican Republic, creating a hub of technical innovation. The leader also opened the Dairy Sector Energy Transformation Plan, which will benefit from an investment of 200 million pesos.

Bank America report

A report by the Investment Division of Bank America, USA, considers the Dominican Republic to be in a positive economic position and assesses the effectiveness with which President Abinader’s administration is handling the crisis caused by global inflation.
The report highlights that the gross domestic product, GDP, of the Dominican Republic is growing much faster than expected despite the oil crisis affecting the economy. It highlights the large liquidity reserves that the State maintains at the Central Bank.

In addition, tourism accounted for a third of GDP growth in the middle of this year, managing to surpass pre-pandemic levels, so it is expected that by 2023 the number of air and boat tourists cruising will reach 7.7 million and 1.7 million respectively.

Bank America cites statistics from the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic that there are RD$114 billion in government deposits in this institution. Faced with a scenario of global economic crisis, the DR has a significant reserve to face inflationary challenges.

The Central Bank report

Last Monday, the Central Bank published a report according to which the Dominican economy recorded a growth of 5.5% during the period January-July 2022. Among the lines of the monthly indicator of economic activity, IMAE, it indicates tourism with 32.9% as Most outstanding.

Overall, service economic activities, which together constitute about 60% of the size of the economy, recorded a year-on-year change of 7.6%, noting in addition hotels, bars and restaurants (tourism) , health, 11.4%; transportation, 7.3%; trade, 6.3% and financial services, 5.8%. The Central Bank announced last Wednesday that inflation was lower in the DR than in at least ten Latin American countries on a list of 18.

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